1. umm

    soooo I made one of these a while ago but I think I’m actually going to start using this :)

  2. i like this version sooo much more!

  3. the stupid weather channel lied to me!!!!

  4. thank you Chris Brown! lol

  5. 8 days til i see baby TRAVIEE!!!!!

    8 days til i see baby TRAVIEE!!!!!

  6. Life…

    So I’ve been thinking about the passed year and how much my life has changed. I look back and can’t believe some of the people I was friends with and had past relationships with. It’s crazy how much you see about someone once they’re out of your life…I’m just happy to have those that are here with me now. I know my future will be bright and no one and NOTHING can stop me from shining! Well I’m pretty sure none of that made sense, but oh well. I’m off to bed…nighty night

  7. uhh tumblr??

    So I just made this thing thinking I’d have something interesting to say about life, ehh…we’ll see about that. Well I’m new about all this blogging stuff….we’ll see where it takes me.

  8. you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around no matter how far u run u can never truly escape, everything catches up to you in the end, and when it does…it usually kicks your ass
    — Gossip Girl
  9. dirrrrty mirror lol ! I<3LA

    dirrrrty mirror lol ! I<3LA

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